Here it is! The ultimate marketing solution for all new business start-ups – Brand in a Box.

We know where you’re at (because we have been there too). You have a great business idea, you have the professionalism and the passion, the energy and the enthusiasm, you are raring to get going…but, quickly you realise there is a huge difference between the idea of running a business and the actual running of a business (it’s a bit like the difference between baking the a cake and running the cake baking business!).

Dealing with your own marketing is often one of the first hurdles because there is so much to do. And it’s a biggie because it is marketing that will generate the customers that you need. Marketing your business can quickly become a significant ‘to-do-list’, and, if you are not careful, can cost you a lot of time and money, without necessarily returning the results you expect.

That’s where Brand in a Box comes in. This is a one-stop-shop, everything you need to brand and market your business, with a whole heap of guidance from a Chartered Marketer added in for good measure (we like to call this the icing on the cake).

Brand in a Box - everything you need to get started marketing your business.
Team McGowan Marketing

Brand in a Box includes:

  1. Two brand logo ideas for your consideration
  2. Finalised brand logo supplied in every format you will ever need
  3. A set of brand guidelines to keep your brand on point
  4. Business card and letterhead artwork
  5. A small portfolio of photos because visuals are so important today
  6. A start-up website so you have a digital presence
  7. A MailChimp email template for email marketing
  8. A set of social media brand files so your social is always on brand
  9. A media release issued to local and trade media for some off-line marketing
  10. A full set of guides on how to update your website
  11. And last, but by no means least, a one-year marketing plan, aligned with your business plan

The best things really do come in branded boxes!

Want to find out more? Email Emily at McGowan Marketing.